The Bathroom Renovation Process


We aim to create classic bathrooms that are fresh and stylish, incorporating clean lines with quality fixtures and fittings. Decision-making is easy with our simple three step process; 

1. Planning

  • Determine your budget. The Bathroom Biz can customise your renovation to suit your budget.
  • Discuss your ideas with us. Consider the size, shape and function of the most used room in the house. Discuss your desired colour concept.
  • Discuss the type and quality of fixtures and fittings you require.
  • Visit our showroom for ideas, inspiration and advice. Browse the latest styles in fixtures and fittings. Our trained consultants are on hand to answer any questions you may have. 
2. Purchasing
  • Your shopping checklist might include: bath, shower screen, vanity, handles, taps, mirrors, toilet, towel rails and accessories.
  • Our trained showroom staff will be happy to assist with any purchases you’d like to make. 
3. Construction - How we make your dreams… Real

We start your dream bathroom by…

...stripping the existing bathroom of all old fittings, wall linings and tiles as necessary.


We bring in the contractors... re-configure electrical and plumbing


Your dream starts to take shape by...

...we prepare studwork and frame in baths, vanity unit and cabinets.


...we re-sheet walls in villa board and ceilings in plasterboard. Install cornice.


...we prepare walls for painting. Install aluminum angles to door, entry to shower and hob if required.


We make your dream bathroom waterproof...

...wet-seal room in accordance with Australian standard AS3740,with waterproof membrane installing puddle flanges to floor wastes



We start dressing your dream with...

...floor and wall tiles

We add your dream accessories...

...installing any fittings- vanities, toilets, tap ware, towel rails and accessories


...measure and order shower screen and mirror (done after tiling to ensure accurate measurements) off all electrical and plumbing



We add your touch of colour... painting completed bathroom



Typically, all this will be complete in two working weeks.

Finishing touches...

...Shower screens and mirrors are installed (approximately 5 - 7 working days after measure)

Your dream is now complete - ENJOY your new Bathroom Biz bathroom!