Heated Towel Rail

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A selection of Heated Towel Rail Ladder designs in Chrome and Matte Black


Heated Towel rails offer amazing comfort on cold winter days. Have you ever felt hesitant to stop out of a warm bath or shower, knowing that it's going to be cold outside? A warm towel waiting on a heated rail not only helps prevent such hesitation, but creates an enticing refuge you won't want to wait for!

Warm Shelter on Cold Days or just a Quick Dry

Heated Towel Rails will warm up your waiting towels and bathrobes to ensure a snug and comfortable sensation once you need them. They also dry towels placed upon them more quickly.

Fresh Looks and Fresh Towels

These rails aren't just functional. They also come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit every bathroom and style. Many options are available, offering a multitude of sizes, styles and finishes.

Safety First

Due to the dangers of keeping electrical equipment near water, Heated Towel rails are subject to stringent design and quality restrictions. Even so, they should only be mounted a safe distance away from any taps or showers.

Many Heated Towel Rail designs offer the option of all-internal, concealed wiring which does not require the use of external cables, plugs or power points. These designs, however, require that appropriate connectors be installed into the wall prior to installation of the towel rail, which then cannot be moved afterwards. Some designs even multiple options, such as the Thermogroup Multiflex system.

Whether you choose the freedom of a plug-in design, some of which are even free-standing, or the safety and aesthetics of concealed wiring, you should make yourself familiar with all relevant safety regulations before making your choice.

Always consult an electrician before purchasing or installing a heated towel rail.